Who we are

DC Heidi is a subsidiary of Maurclaw Pty Ltd.  Maurclaw has been operating successfully since 2004 and through that success DC Heidi was formed in 2017 to capture all of our project, programme and portfolio management capability.

We are a dedicated team of Project Managers , Programme Managers and Portfolio Managers who enjoy delivering small, medium and large Data centre related projects throughout Germany and Australia. 

Our specialised managers provide a combined tailored project team or individual secondment service for the following disciplines but not limited to

  • Project Directors
  • MEP ( Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing ) Project Managers
  • CSA ( Civil, Structural and Architectural ) Project Managers 
  • OFCI ( Owner, Furnished, Contractor, Installed ) Managers
  • White space Fitout Managers
  • Pre Construction Managers
  • Design Managers
  • Real Estate Transaction Managers
  • Document Controllers 

As an organisation, we believe our success has been built through our information sharing and communications skills, not only within our team but also our clients and vendors.

Our current projects are diverse in size and nature and show our wide capabilities. They include:

  • Greenfield Data Centre builds – Hvperscale, Edge and Co location 
  • Modular Data Centre deployments
  • Brownfield Data Centre lifecycle upgrades and capacity increases in live environments

We thrive on taking over troubled projects and getting them back on track, within budget and programme.

At DC Heidi we listen, we draw on our experience, resources, tools and techniques and our people to deliver the individual tailored response to your business needs.