We are engaged as Programme Managers to upgrade an existing data centre hall to enable Client Cloud solutions. The refurbishment of the facility was essential in order to address and meet lifecycle, resilience, capacity and security requirements for continued Client Cloud growth. The project outcome would provide:

  • IT load density of 900 watts/m2 at a redundancy of N+1.
  • Installation of new electrical and mechanical infrastructure
  • Heavy duty raised floor
  • Diverse overhead copper and fibre data cable trays
  • New fire system
  • New BMS infrastructure
  • Upgrade the room’s Electronic Control Access System and CCTV
  • TIA 942 Tier III compliant power and cooling within the data centre

One of the complexities of this project requires the upgrade to be completed whilst live sever equipment is still in operation. Maintaining UPS redundancy during the course of the project means a series of seamless cutovers and the implementation of a temporary redundant UPS system are required.

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