New Data Centre Construction

DC Heidi was appointed as the programme manager for the build of a new data centre which incorporated a number of projects that were required to meet the strategic intent of the Data Centre. Our brief included a range of parameters that were required to be satisfied as part of the overall project including:

  • Utilisation of an existing parcel of Client land
  • Uptime Tier III classification
  • Usable whitespace & supporting infrastructure to be modular and scalable with the ability to scale to 2000m
  • Average power density of 3,000w/m2Power density deployable in phases
  • An average Power usage efficiency (PuE) of 1.3
  • Support customers with different security requirements
  • Support different service delivery models including managed hosting and utility computers
  • Flexible building design capable of being adapted over the next 20 years

On final testing of this project and all of our managed installations, we achieved full design load testing multiply 20 kw heaters plugged into the power take off box on the floor. This loaded all mechanical and electrical infrastructure end to end and provided a true full load test of all building infrastructure prior to installation of operational load. The flow on benefit was the ability to fine tune the building at various loads.

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