Portfolio Management

DC Heidi provides Portfolio Management services to a range of current clients. In providing a centrally managed collection of projects and other work that when grouped together results can facilitate effective management to meet strategic business objectives.

Across projects there are often competing objectives, financial restraints, limited resources and risk mitigation issues that in can be effectively controlled through our Portfolio Management skills and experience.
DC Heidi can administer current and proposed projects that may not be directly related but when grouped will realize the benefits of optimal resourcing and budgeting. This enables timely responsiveness to your organisation’s needs and give you a planned pipeline. The projects or programmes of your portfolio may not necessarily be interdependent or directly related but they play a role in the overall strategic direction and goals of your organisation.

DC Heidi has the processes and systems to centrally manage your requirements whilst understanding your business constraints. By overseeing all project elements centrally including resources, budget, facilities and procurement project risk is minimized.

Having a centralized portfolio hub offers increased collaboration and information sharing across the stakeholders of all projects resulting in a broader and more informed view of the portfolios direction.

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